Mr. Debonaire Tribute Video

While creating The Fabulous Ice Age I had the opportunity to meet many of my Uncle Roy Blakey’s friends. Roy also had the opportunity to make new friends in the process. Richard “Mr. Debonair” Dwyer visited the studio very early on in the filming and my first interview was rushed and I didn’t like the lighting but I loved Richard and his story! In the process of making the film interviewed Richard three times and in the final cut of the film I was able to get footage of Richard in the archive from that first visit so each time I saw him was valuable to me.

I created this video for Ice Theatre of New York and they showed it at their gala celebration honoring Richard Dwyer. I saw Richard again at this year’s gala and I must say that we are now REAL FRIENDS! How exciting is that? Everyone knows that Richard is the nicest person in figure skating and for sure he is the one who has skated the longest as he is still performing today. Enjoy this video and I know you will also fall in love with Mr. Debonaire!