Howard gave me permission to share his letter which follows!

Dear Keri —

I just finished watching your marvelous documentary, The Fabulous Ice Age. Your love and admiration for your uncle and his amazing world shone through.  Your work and passion brightened what was an otherwise grey day.

As a playwright/screenwriter/producer/whatever-it-takes-to-move-the-project-forward-kinda-artist, I was further delighted to come across your website and find a treasure trove of images, stories, and great photographic history of truly beautiful (and often unseen) people.

From Love In The 90s to Faeries, from the photos of “just” your grandmother, Josie, to the children coping with life-threatening illness; in this age where everyone the world over fancies him- or herself a photographer simply because the phone they bought takes high resolution snapshots; on a day when (for personal reasons not worth discussing) the crossroads of media and daily life where we all now semi-live feels littered with endlessly meaningless images and ramblings  — considering all of this, Keri, I simply had to reach out and thank you for the simplicity, directness, and pure humanity that you strive for, and which is present, in all of your work.

What you do matters and makes lives better.  It did mine, tonight.

If by any chance you are in NYC on March 16 or 23, I would love to provide you one or two of my comps to a show I wrote and directed with Tony Yazbeck, who is currently starring in the ON THE TOWN revival on Broadway.  (He’s doing a rather spectacular song and dance extravaganza at 54 Below, a Supper Club here in NYC not SO far from the old Tin Pan Alley bar.  (The show is in advance of the Tony Award nominations).

Anyway, I realize the chance are low of you being here. But it’s a spectacular evening of entertainment, and your film and photos so brightened my day and artistic outlook that I wanted to extend a friendly gesture; even though I am, obviously, a complete and total stranger.

Thanks, again, for your work, Keri!  Keep On Keeping On!