Star of the show Kenneth Feld in the news

Kenneth Feld has an amazing history. It was so cool to be able to meet him and to interview him for the film. He purchased both Ice Follies and Holiday On Ice (North America) so his background with the ice shows is singular and today he stands as the king of the touring ice show with Disney On Ice.

Feld’s father was Irvin Feld, the president of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, so the circus has been a family owned business for a long time. Kenneth Feld is a smart guy. He has done very well in business and since he is in the entertainment industry, he has made a lot of people very happy. Well not everyone, as animal rights people have argued against using animals as entertainment. The use of elephants in the shows has long been the target of people’s anger.

So Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, has announced that as of 2018 the elephants will be retired from the show. This story has been carried all over the world.

I confess that I want to photograph the circus while the elephants are still in the show.