Kevin Brown is the head honcho at Smart Set! He is such a great designer! He really listens and then interprets my needs into graphic designs that are elegant and beautiful. His approach is not cookie cutter – everything that comes out of his shop looks different – but every client walks away in love with Kevin as he is so easy to work with and so calm.

Kevin is tucked away in NE Minneapolis and he prints in house. He is helping me with the Indiegogo rewards for the postcard and also archival ART OF SKATING 8×10 & 11×17 reproductions on rag paper. I told people I would have the rewards out by March 15th, so I have to get on the ball with production. Not only is Kevin the one who designed the logo, but he created the template for the lower thirds, the time line, the title slides and the credits for the documentary.

It was a conversation with Kevin that sparked the key image for the poster… we were on design number 4 or 5 when we had a conversation about skates being the icon image rather than a person or a show.

So that is the hint. The poster features Sonja Henie’s skates. I won’t go any further as the skates are featured with another Sonja Henie item. Drum roll please! The poster is almost ready for the grand unveiling! I am so excited. This is a new reality – then and now. Then you had the movie poster inside the glass case at the theater and now you have the thumbnail on the twitter profile. Oh the times they are a changin’….